The Purpose of MOS

The purpose of MOS is to:

  • Provide a forum whereby the unique needs of veterans employed by the federal government, the Internal Revenue Service in particular, can be identified, addressed, and communicated.
  • Provide education and information to employees and managers regarding benefits available to veterans as employees of the federal government.
  • Serve as a resource for federal agencies,  the Internal Revenue Service in particular, recruitment initiatives by identifying sources for veteran recruitment, partnering with recruiters from federal agencies to increase the potential candidate pool and providing information about the federal hiring, application, and interview processes as needed.
  • Be a champion for veterans so that the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies can ensure issues of veteran retention and development in the workforce are appropriately addressed.
  • Serve as a mechanism to ensure that the unique skills and abilities veterans have acquired during their military service are effectively understood and documented in employment forms so that the Internal Revenue Service and other federal agencies can take full advantage of veteran capabilities in the workplace.
  • Serve as an information-sharing vehicle with respect to issues unique to veterans such as making effective transitions from military to civilian life, adjusting to federal government leadership and management styles, etc.
  • Provide an information network pertaining to how disabled veterans can quickly adapt to employer needs in the workplace by providing historical and organizational knowledge to current disabled federal government veterans who are in need of such transitional adjustment services.
  • Assist federal government employees who are family members of veterans on issues unique or challenging to their situation.
  • Educate and enhance perceptions of managers and hiring authorities to the benefits of hiring veterans.